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The number of Australian households who are struggling to refinance due to serviceability issues has surged from 15% to 30% in just less than six months, according to Compare Club.



New data from the personal finance marketplace and advice company also showed a skyrocketing number of refinancing inquiries from mortgage holders with an LVR of 90%, which makes refinancing tough, if not impossible, and to a level not seen since interest rates began to rise.

– Broker News 23rd August 2023

Are you in a position to assist your family when their home loan repayments are escalating and they cannot get a better interest rate? Do you want to make sure they can retain their home without financial stress or “forced sale”? Have you considered a reverse mortgage payment as a gift? An amount of $800 per month for 2 years should not affect any age pension entitlements.

Speak with Peter to find out more and how your personal situation may assist your family.